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If you are interested to view your credit report along with credit score then you are strongly recommended to visit Experian and trust our sources to get complete details of your financial record. It is providing excellent and reliable services to clients with accurate information. Through this service you will become able to make wise decision related to your shopping and investment on both large and small scale. In this article you will come to know about complete procedure that how one can check his or her credit report on Experian online.


  • You must have a Computer or Smart phone with internet connection
  • You must have a valid Email ID
  • You must have report number
  • You must have Social security number

Step wise Instructions:

  • Input Official URL link of website Experian in order to check credit report
  • After accessing website you have to find an option which is titled as “Personal Credit Report”
  • Once you have got the option hit a click on it, this click will bring another window where you have to provide some information related to your report.
  • You have to input report number in given field.
  • Enter social security number along with name of your state, city and zip code in marked fields.
  • Once you have provided all information check your information again through process of reviewing.
  • Click the check boxes to agree with terms and conditions.
  • Click on button of “Submit”. This will bring another window where you can view your current credit report.
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