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Express Scripts is a famous pharmaceutical company based in United States. This is a popular health care pharmacy benefit organization that provides the pharmacy benefit management services. Company arranged a website to make a better connection with customers. Register your account and enjoy amazing services online with few clicks.


  • Name information
  • User ID and account password
  • Valid email address

How To Open Account?

  • Visit the website at .
  • Click on “Create your Account” red button at the left hand side bar of the homepage.
  •  Fill out the registration online form to create your own account.
  • First enter your first name, last name, date of birth and the gender from the drop down menu.
  • Provide sponsor’s ID number.
  • Next create your user ID and password. Type your username for your account.
  • Create a password to protect your account and type your password again for the confirmation.
  • Type email address and enter it again to verify.
  • Enter a hint phrase. This information will be used to retrieve your password.
  • Select a security question and type its answer.
  • Click on “Register Now” green button.


  • You will be able to check your order status online.
  • You can easily refill your orders through your online account
  • Enjoy home delivery service

Closing Remarks:

Every individual have to create his or her own account as a unique username will be assigned to every member who want to join the program online by using this website. If you have any problem or nay question in your mind regarding your registration you can make a call at 877-363-1303.

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