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Do you want to enjoy amazing free apps on your Smartphone? You answers would be” Yes” for sure so, here is largest application store that is called as Getjar. Getjar is online service that is allowing you to see amazing apps to download on your phone. This app store is free to download on your phone. As you will download this app on your phone you can see available free apps there. You can search amazing games apps, photo editing, messengers and other interesting apps. You can download this app on your any android phone.

How to download:

  • If you have a smartphone then go to app store and search “Getjar” app.
  • After searching the app now download this app into your mobile phone.
  • After downloading is complete you can download many apps and games free.
  • You can also visit this URL from your personal computer.
  • You can also see a list of category and choose any one category like “Games”.
  • You will see many games if you want to download any game then click on it.
  • Now press “Download” button.
  • It is very easy way to download game for your mobile or PC.

By downloading this app you can enjoy following benefits.

  • You can enjoy free app here
  • You can download games, photo editing, messengers, software apps and other interesting apps
  • You can easily search all apps here.

About App:

In 2004, Ilja Laurs created this app but initially not as app store but for beta testing website and later it was converted to the app store. This app store is leading between other app stores and Smartphone users are loving its apps.

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