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Anyone, who is conscious about his physical and financial health, should avail of a good health insurance policy that will suit him most and cater to all his medical requirements. You may like to get the best deal from the market by buying a health insurance policy from Great West Life Assurance Company.

How To Check Insurance Products Offered By Company?

  • You can easily check all the beneficial health insurance policies of the company just by entering their official website.
  • There you will find separate pages for Individual Products, as well as for Group Products.
  • In the page of Individual Products, you will be able to see the benefits offered by the Critical Insurance plans, Disability Insurance, Health & Dental insurance, Retirement & Investment policies offered by this insurance company.
  • In the web page of Group products, you can check all the details of Group Benefits plans, Group Retirement and Savings plans of Company.

How To Sign In?

  • Visit .
  • Once you are on the home page, enter your access id.
  • Enter your password in the respective field.
  • Click on the “sign in” button.
  • Once you are sign in you can access the services provided by the company.

Check The Latest Status Of Company:

  • You can look closely into all the necessary facts about the corporate state of the Company, by switching to the page named Corporate Information, within the official website of the company.
  • You can get an idea of this company within the title Company Overview. You can get a clearer picture of its financial stand, including its entire annual or quarter reports which are provided to keep all its policyholders well informed.
  • This Canadian insurer has obtained top ratings from all prominent rating agencies of Canada; you can check it in real under the sub-heading named Ratings.
  • All the latest information that the company releases in press conferences, can be found under the sub-heading News Releases.
  • Any new prospect of this insurance company can have a thorough knowledge about all the rules and regulations of the company by the checking the title Code of Conduct.
  • The customers are offered all the security measures to safeguard their financial interests regarding the insurance policies bought by them from this insurer, all these safety means can be checked within the title Consumer Protection and Information.
  • The sub-heading Investment Operations offers you all the knowledge about the investments of the company, including its assets.

How To Get Any Information About The Current Jobs Offered By This Company?

  • If any person is interested in working for the Company, in any suitable position, he/she can go through the page titled Careers.
  • Apart from inspecting all the job vacancies of this company, you can also see the career prospects that one can gain by working here.
  • You can even submit your resume in this page, applying for a job in this company that suits your profile. You can also try to get answers to your all job related queries.

How To Contact Anyone In This Company In Case Of Any Urgency?

If you want to contact any personnel from company, just click on the link named Contact Us on the right top corner of the home page of the official website. Any client or policyholder may feel free to contact the company officials regarding any problems of the insurance policies of this company.

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