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Have you started online banking account? If you have an account at Halifax bank then you can now apply for credit card any time. They are providing you online banking services to perform online actions. Now you can apply for credit card online via filling application there. As you will complete the application system will confirm your application and you will get a confirmation message. You will get your card within week at your address. As you will get your card then you need to activate your card before using it by following this method

How to activate?

  • Go to this link and activate your Halifax UK Credit Card.
  • If you already register for online banking account then click on “Sign in” button.
  • Enter “Username” and “Password” to access your online account.
  • If you are new user then you have to register for a new account so click on “Continue” button.
  • Enter “Credit Card number” “Date of birth” and “Expiry date” and press “Activate” button.
  • On the next step enter your “First name” “Last name” “physical address” “SSN” “Email address” and “Phone number”.
  • After that create your username and password and click on “Submit” button.

Company consider your credit limits and will extend for you in 6 month. You can earn points by spending $1 . you can win rewards and other services by using this card. You can use this card at any store or online to shop via card.

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