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If your kid wants to read exciting stories or wants to play puzzle games? If yes interested then McDonalds is now providing you happy meal service to give your kid exciting services. You can access happy meal web service to access online app for your kids like you can use toys, games, ebooks, Art and video. Your kid can spend quality time here by getting involved in different activities here. Parents can help their kids in using these app as if kids like to read e-books then parents can help their kids like this:


  • You must have internet connection to download a book.
  • Visit the official website of happy meal.

How to download:

  • Follow this link and download E-book online.
  • After accessing the homepage click on “E-book” icon at the top of the page.
  • Select any e-book and click on it.
  • Now start downloading a book to your computer.
  • When the downloading is complete you can read the book easily.

About App:

If you kid is interesting to learn different magic tricks, outdoor fun activities, team up tasks, express yourself activities then parents can download these e-books from here easily. These e-books are free to download, present in PDF format that can easily download on PC, laptop, smartphone and Tablets. If parents are concerned about the children privacy then they can check the privacy terms from this link that will help parent to understand use of terms and about the content here.

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