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Hilton is website which is providing travel services to their customers with current team member rates an Hilton family travel rates. In Hilton Family travel plan, rates are flexible according to availability of hotel and room whereas in team member rates are basically of staff rates which remained fixed. You can also book your rooms with discounted packages. If you want to book a travel plan then feel free to read stated below set of instructions.


  • You are supposed to have a personal computer with internet access available on that system
  • Keep your personal information in hand
  • Enable cookies of your browser
  • You must have your credit card handy
  • Visit website on given URL Link

Step by Step Guides:

  • Open website of Hilton in order to plan for trip online at
  • In next step you are supposed to click on button of “begin here” this click will bring a new window.
  • You have to confirm your place by mentioning your location and save it for future use.
  • In next phase you have to search for hotels by adding information about date and time of travel along with location.
  • Select hotel of your interest from given results. You can avail various discount packages as well according to brand and type of hotels and rooms.
  • At the moment you have selected hotel, you are supposed to reserve room online. Provide your personal and card information in given fields.
  • At the end you just have to prepare trip as team member rates or Hilton family rates.
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