Enroll For SIDES Using TaxNet To Submit Electronic Claim Protests

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IDES is helping the jobless persons to apply for unemployment benefit claim and services. This company is providing online service for the job seekers, employers and workforce partners. Claim for the unemployment benefits and payments services.

  • email address and zip code
  • username and password


  • Go to the site www.ides.state.il.us and access the insurance services easily.
  • On appearing the home page go to “Employers” tab and choose the link “Unemployment Taxes & Reporting” and click on “Submitting Electronic Claim Protests (SIDES).
  • Click on “Enroll For SIDES using TaxNet”.
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Click Here” link to sign up for the program.
  • Enter your username and password as your login information. Retype your password to confirm the accuracy.
  • Enter your email address and type again for confirmation.
  • Type the security question and provide the answer. This question will help to retrieve your password.
  • Click on “Create User” button.
  • Paybacks:
  • This service is free and provided to report if you feel any illegal or fraud case.
  • As you will submit your complain company will response you as soon as possible.

Closing Words:
If you have any complaint about the insurance fraud case then don’t hesitate just send them email for the inquiry. On your complain company will take action and after getting clues they will take action.

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