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NVC offers the facility of online payment to its customers. They aim at protecting the interest and lives of the US citizen. You can make an online payment of immigrant visa by following the given instructions of sig in.

What are the main requirements for the online Visa payment processing?

User must fulfill the following needs:

  • User should have a PC with high speed internet connection.
  • You are bound to give the case number.
  • User must have the identification number.
  • You are required to have routing and account number of the bank.

How one can make Visa payment online?

For the online payment of immigrant visa at NVC you need to follow the given steps:

  • First of all visit the website by searching it through any possible way of browsing. Please follow the given link www.immigrantvisas.state.gov
  • As the homepage of website opens you will find an option of “online fee payment” and you need to click on it.
  • For checking the status of payment and online payment you need to login first.
  • As you click on online fee payment you will be directed to the sign in page.
  • Now you are supposed to pick up the option from drop down menu which shows the status to the case.
  • You will get the case number from the “online payment instructions” and enter it in the given blank.
  • Now you get the option of National Visa Center and they will issue you the “invoice identification number”.
  • Enter the “Invoice identification number” in the given space and press the button labeled as “Sign in” and make your payment.
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