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Interactive Network is actually an online program that enables different organizations to communicate and get in touch with each other. This is due to the fact that this interaction brings every detail that is required of you at one particular place even if it is a local group that needs to get connected to a larger organization. Just to take a look at one example, the Honda Interactive Network, is actually not different in that, the employees and dealers in various sectors acquire information they want either about the Honda machinery or anything close to that and this happens here. This is due to the fact that this company has grown to one of the world largest in making of various automobiles for instance cars, Motorbikes, Generators just to name a few hence the company came up with an online based platform where either workers or clients would get to know more about new models and latest information that occur in the entire company.
About The Network
As mentioned earlier this a kind of a network that was set up by the company so as to link people or organization who are concerned in their products. This is because online platform allows one to view services that are provided and also to order for various spare parts or machinery and for that reason only special privileges are accorded to any person who can manage to gain access to view this services and this is how it is always done.
How Does One Gain Access?
Since it’s online based what is required is actually a computer connected to the internet and should be able to run the internet explorer this is because the platform doesn’t support any other kind of browser.

  • Visit the website then on the home page that loads up click on the link that is labeled “Interactive Portal” then you will need to enter in user id, dealer id and finally your password which is actually given out to real dealer and in case you are the real dealer you ought to be given one by the Honda company’s personnel in charge.
  • In case it is the first time the thing is you will have to sign up onto the interactive system so that you be allowed to gain access into the company’s information

Online Interactive network actually is  a way to go for large companies or organizations that has a lot of information that is to be passed onto the people concerned due to the fact that there is no particular way that this can be done easily other than with the use of systems like this. In the case study we have just looked at the Honda company and as it is know all over the world for its machinery and other products and due to advancement in the technology, they come up with new machinery every now and then hence there is a need actually for their dealers and employees to be posted on and this is only possible through the interactive platform that they created.

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