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Kallogg’s is a corn flakes manufacturing company introduced by the Kallogg brothers. The first Kallogg corn flakes flavor was introduced in 1898 when the Kallogg brothers tried to make granola and accidently made wheat berry corn flakes instead. This company introduced a number of flavors and variety of breakfast items since then. This company is head quartered in America and serves 180 different countries.

The company has an online portal for internet users to view the products and deals offered by this company. To get registered for a promotional offer to get free snack product, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the official web link
  • This website leads to the link where you can get a free coupon on purchase of specific Kallogg items. If you already have a personal identification number, click the “Redeem now” button to proceed. Enter the 2 PIC numbers to continue.
  • Select the free coupon that you want and enter your location address and other information that is required by the company in order to ship the product to you.
  • Check your mail in order to know whether the product is shipped to you or not.
  • If you do not have personal identification numbers, you have to collect 2 PINs in order to get benefit from this promotional offer. each PIN number is collected by buying the Kallogg product specifically made for the participants of this offer and have a PIN number in the box.

In case if you do nt get the shipment in time, use the contact details on company’s official website  to track the order or to get to know the details. You can order a free coupon for as much times as you want since this offer is not restricted to one free coupon per person.

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