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The Lego Group is a company in Billund, Denmark engaged in constructional toys. The product has colorful mini-figures, plastic bricks, gears and other parts that interlock. Lego bricks are connected and assembled to build objects like buildings, vehicles and even robots. Constructed items can be dissembled new objects made. Survey means online research, aiming to get customer feedback. The surveys design is to discover how products satisfy customers and to improve services.

The survey is by Medallia, a software firm in California, with over 50,000 business locations like websites, hotels and stores all around the globe. Medallia provides companies with feedback got from customers, thus promoting contact between both parties. Medallia is a company that is trusted and favored by big firms such as Sephora, Ebay and Nike.

How does one take part in a survey? You’ll need a PC having internet access. You’ll have to know to read Chinese, French, Spanish, English or other languages.

Keep the product box with you. You’ll need building instructions enclosed with product.

  • A child participating in this survey must be 13 years at the least; or the parents can take part instead of the kids.
  • Survey’s should be undertaken after game is played. You should obtain the 4-6 digit code found on boxes, on the front, below age marking, and sides, below logo. Or find in box, on front page of building instructions.

How To Participate?

  • Visit .
  • Choose language good for you from drop-down catalog on top-right of page.
  • Read info carefully, enter4 or 5 digit product code you received,
  • Click, ‘Begin survey.
  • Finish whole survey following instructions.
  • The people state they’d appreciate feedback regarding kid’s products. Don’t complete survey unless the child has used the toy or product.

If 13 years old or younger, answer survey with your parents help. All your responses are considered confidential. The Company doesn’t take unsolicited ideas on products. By responding, you are agreeing that any response, info and ideas you give in the answer column is considered public domain info. At end of survey, you’ll get an opportunity to enter and win prizes. Peruse ‘Sweepstakes results,’ for details.

Participating in survey isn’t compulsory, but one may give important and valuable feedback that they want. They need this kind of info provided to understand what’s working, what’s not. In this manner, the company learns what consumers want

By participating, one can voice feedback’s and views of product, negative or positive, which helps them, make improvements. In appreciation for you having put in time and effort, Sweepstakes section is given by them. Entries given out during the month is drawn the subsequent month and the lucky winner is determined this way. If you’re one of the victors, you’ll be notified via email, and within two weeks, get some product worth $80.

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