Start Ordering As A Mary Kay Consultant

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a brand of beauty products and it is a sales company. It relies on independent consultants to sell their products to the public. The company sells the products to their consultant at a wholesale price and the consultants then sell the products to the consumer. All of the consultants, directors and national sales directors have to start their career from the position of an independent beauty consultant.

Procedure On How To Start:

The keen applicant should visit the official website of the company by click on the link: .

This is where the consultants have proper communication and official dialogue with the company for crucial matters like placing orders.

  • The applicant should enter his or her respective code or given consultant number in order to create an official account; for the same, the applicant should click- click here, in order to produce a password.
  • The applicant should enter his or her name, valid email and the produced password then click on- Create Password link. The official website relays a link in the email address of the applicant within few minutes.
  • Go to the inbox by visiting your email account. Click on the link provided to you by the company to complete your registration.
  • After that, the applicant has to come back to official link relayed above with the help of the password and other login details given to the applicant.
  • The consultant will see- ordering option on the directed page. After Clicking on the same, the order form is generated.
  • The consultant will be able to see a number of check boxes against products. Mark the one that the concerned person wants to buy. On should remember that the order the consultant is placing must contain products that are not less than $200.
  •  Enter the details relating to the bank account, email address, information relating to credit card. Once done, click “continue”.
  • Go through the order and other information regarding the payment in the very last directed page and once one is sure about the order, click “Submit’ and the generated order will be placed.

The application page opens up the official page for ordering as a Mary Kay consultant. The link above is strictly and absolutely maintained for the consultants of the company. On accessing the link, one will clearly see that there is a portal for the consultant no and its respective password. In case, the to- be- consultant would like to know more about the part of being a consultant, he or she can simply click on- learn more in the bottom of the page.

Working as a consultant in this renowned cosmetic line will prove extremely favorable for a person. The consultant will get regular salary and for the recruiter, when the consultant will place the order his or her recruiter will get a bonus based on the amount of order the consultant had placed.

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