Find Mcworld Joker’s Friend Online

- - Online Services is a website that is owned by McDonald’s and it is meant for small children and it majorly advertise the kid’s happy meal that it sells to its customers in the restaurants. It is actually not a real world but it’s where kids find games to play that are the same to happy meal advertisements in place at the moment. On the other hand, is a website that contains unreal prizes and the games here are only related to kids. It is actually a free website that anyone can join by simply signing up by following the procedures given.
Procedure For Getting:

  • Visit the website  then check on the top right side of the window and click on option “log in” then if you don’t have an account choose the option, “get started”
  • Proceed to enter your screen name that must be at least eight to ten characters then enter your password confirm it then click on “go” option
  • Log into your account using the screen name and the password that you provided while signing up for an account.
  • Check on the top left corner where the map is located and click on then proceed to the “voting place” and it is at this point that you will locate the first joker’s friend then check the picture and select it after you have seen it.
  • Proceed from here to locate the second joker’s friend and is found by simply searching the “YNN news” at the top of the screen then also select when he appears then click on “Return to Earth” so that you can return to the map.
  • To find the third joker’s friend you can just check on the map for example on the map that point that appears on the screen simply move the mouse pointer to “Sunken Treasure Cove” this is located right side of the screen then click on the ship that appears to be sinking that has a flag almost immersed in water just click on the picture after it appears and by doing this you would have added the third joker’s friend, then move back to earth to go back to the main map.
  • The fun continues like that by just checking a point on the map, clicking on it when the picture appears select that picture to add another joker’s friend, then going back to earth to check where the next joker’s friend is located.
  • You can do this repeatedly by adding more friends from McWorld virtual world by just checking on the map to see different places and just clicking on them to add them as the joker’s friends all throughout the map.

Since it started way back in 1955, McWorld has had the urge to doing things in the right way possible since they have all that it takes to emerge out different from the rest as they believe in the assumption that everything that is good for them is also best for everybody.

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