Activate Your Metro PCS Phones

The Metro PCS stores always guarantee that the phones supplied by them are ready for activation. In case the customers come across with any difficulty in activating their phones they may immediately refer the matter to the respective store. The store will immediately take appropriate action. Though few of the phones purchased from them are being brought back due to activation problem it happens with hardly 0.5% of the phones only. There can be many reasons for the phone not getting activated. At the store they will check the ESNs and see how to Activate Phones. They assure that they will get the phones activated if it was purchased from their store.

How To Activate?

  • Visit
  • The website has listing of all the stores and retailers.
  • These retailers can activate wireless phone.
  • These retailers are abundant in the cities where their service is provided.

Call The Customer Service Representative:

  • When you are in search of a solution regarding activate Phones. it is advisable not to take the handset to the store from where you didn’t purchase the same. They may not tell you the exact reason for the phone not getting activated or may not do the activation perfectly.
  • In some cases, since you didn’t purchase the phone from that store they charge you heavily for activating your phone.
  • In such cases, it is always good to call the customer service representative over the phone.
  • Prior to calling the customer service take the ESN/MEID code of your phone which will be there behind the battery.
  • After noting the code you can call the customer service over the phone.
  • They will take the ESN/MEID code from you and give you step by step instructions over the phone to activate your handset.
  • It won’t take more than 15 minutes for you to complete the procedure and get your phone activated.
  • Now your phone is activated, you can enjoy the service.

Manual Reprogramming:

  • Sometimes, one may not be in a position to take the phone to the store from where it was purchased. In such cases the phone can be reprogrammed manually.
  • The need of taking the phone to the supplier arises when the *228 activation does not work.
  • In such a situation one can try to activate his new phone manually.
  • To begin with, press the number 111111 followed by the right key.
  • As the next step select the choice ‘service’ followed by ‘programming’.
  • Now give the security code as 587846.
  • When it asks for the MDN enter your phone number of 10 digits and now type MIN from your old handset.
  • Also copy the SID from the old device.
  • Now exit the menu by pressing the power off button.
  •  Now your phone will reorganize and when it turns on test it by making a call.


When you want to sell your phone or give it to another person you need the same to be deactivated. The phone can be deactivated either temporarily or permanently. There are three ways to deactivate your phone.

  • Make a call to customer service and request them to disconnect the phone. You have to provide them name on the account as well as account security PIN.
  • Once you desist from making the payment the phone service will be suspended for 30 days and on the 31st day it gets disconnected.
  • Get a new phone and activate the same on the network with the help of the customer service. When the new phone is activated the old phone gets disconnected automatically.
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