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Assurant is the source through which you can create your own account on its website to manage all activities or services. For this purpose you have to be a registered member of website. It allows you select policy of insurance according to your choice and then manage it online but you have to make sure that either selected insurance policy suits you in all terms if yes then this would be your right decision. You can maintain integrity of your details through your account by following given below information.


  • You must keep a computer with internet connection
  • You have to visit website of Assurant


  • First of all you need to visit website of to manage insurance policy.
  • In next step you have to click on button which is labeled as “Register” to begin the process of enrollment.
  • Now you are supposed to provide some information as required.
  • Input number of your certificate or policy number in entitled blanks.
  • Provide Zip code of your area in next blank and enter date when did you get your insurance policy.
  • After providing all these information you are required to verify this information.
  • After verifying information you have to click on button of “Continue”
  • You need to follow given on set instruction to finish the process of registration
  • Now you have to input your user ID along with Password in marked fields to log in your account.
  • After log in you can manage your insurance policy by accessing your account.
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