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Professional success can be enjoyed with employers, colleagues and friends. But there is no celebration like celebrating with family. Even in solving day to day issues, a family plays a very important role. The backbone of a household is a strong family bonding. Though, there are a few changes that families in general are experiencing. There is growing fascination and inclination of people towards technology. A family is more attached to gadgets and the virtual world. The contact/ interaction between families are increasing more online than at home.

An effort to help children and families is distress. It is a bridge between the people who can offer help and the children and families who need it. The department covers the most sensitive areas related to- child welfare/ care, care based on community efforts, cases of violence at home, lack of shelter, trafficking of humans, issues related to mental health, services for refugees, facility of adoption, help for those addicted to drugs, instances of reported abuse of an individual, services for adult protection, etc.

Who Can Access?

People in distress can access the Department of Children & Family. You have to be one of the following:

  • Contemplating to commit suicide.
  • Wish to report an abuse
  • Need food or a doctor who can attend to you.
  • Require cash.
  • Want to speak with our representative for a related inquiry.


  • Net access
  • Details related to the case, such as its number & other information.
  • Your role in the case should be of an associated / authorized person.

How To Get Access?

To access the Department of Children and Family Portal account, you must create an account. You also have an option of submitting as a guest.

  • Go to .
  • On the home page, click on the “online account” tab.
  • Enter your user name and password to log in.
  • To get register click the link “register now”.
  • Read the terms & conditions.
  • After accepting the terms & conditions, press the “continue” button.
  • Fill personal & case information details.
  • Then, press continue to reach the verification page.
  • Your personal and case details will be verified.
  • After verification a security set up will be initiated.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation regarding your Access account registration.

How Does It Work?

Supporting strategic execution of its plans and policies to improve situation of individuals, families and community at large; it has built a team of trained professionals.

Training Includes:

  • Following guidelines and rules to ensure computer’s security.
  • Building an awareness project to inform the employees of their health related duty.
  • Assistance lessons for people who are hard of hearing or cannot hear.
  • Classes for child care services.
  • Online modules to encounter problem of domestic violence.
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