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If you are running your own business then you can now access Gallagher Bassett’s risk management system online. Now if any of your worker get injured during the duty or giving his/her service to the company then by accessing this service employee can claim for benefit claims. This online management service is now available to the workers of any company who is using GB claims service. Employee has to create online account here to claim for the services.


  • For creating a new account you must have claim number and SSN.
  • Must have a computer and fast internet.

How to Access?

  • Follow this link and access the official website.
  • You must have to log in on this website enter “User ID” and “Password” and press “LOGON” button.
  • If you are a new member then press “Sign up” button and start the registration process.
  • Now provide “Claim number” and “Social security number” and press “Submit” button.
  • For more help click on this link

What is required to claim for benefits?

If you are going to claim for your benefits then should have these details.

  • If you are working at this company then you should have your full name, date of birth, SSN, employee ID, home address and phone number
  • Give details of your company address
  • Date and details about the injury incident
  • Medical evidences
  • Complete details of the doctor and hospital where you are taking treatment.
  • Complete details of agency

Point To Be Noted:

You can claim for the benefits if and only there is serious injury and you are unable to rejoin your company.

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