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The green dot prepaid re-loadable card is among the prepaid cards that are normally used as payment methods in many countries. Research shows that they are the fastest growing payment method in countries like the U.S as they are convenient and secure.
Just like other prepaid card, the card’s makeup resembles the debit cards and works on the same principle in that it can be used to withdraw cash from ATM machines, bill payment or making online purchases however it differs to debit cards in the sense that it is are not linked to any bank account.
About Card:

The MasterCard or VISA that are issued by the Green Dot Corporation whose headquarter is based in Pasadena, California and they can be used all over the world.

How To Acquire Card Online?

Getting this card online is a very simple work to do only if you have all of the following requirements.

  • To begin with you must be of majority age i.e. 18 years of age and above. However there is also possibility of getting the green dot card as a second card holder but you will have to pass through the verification process in order to get it personalized.

Procedure To Follow:

  • on your computer that is connected to the internet, Visit the Green Dot prepaid card website
  • Enter your 16 digit card number and 3 digits security number.
  • Enter your personal identification number and social security number.
  • Type security characters and click on the button  “Submit”

How To Reload Money?
Money can be added into the Temporary Card before getting the personalized Card by either buying the MoneyPak found in many retail shops or one can sign up for online reload program from the bank if he/she has one take note that for this to be successful one must have gone through the verification process. However after receiving personalized Card after 10 business days upon application, the money that was initially contained in the Temporary Card is then transferred to the Personalized Card hence the Temporary Card will become invalid and in order to use your personalized Card. Even though this personalized Card is used worldwide, restriction comes in when it’s used for either, when gambling online, business transactions or in some countries due to insecurity reasons.
In case you want to get started with using the prepaid card services so as to manage you’re spending and control your finances the Reloadable Prepaid Card is the way to go. This is because The Card is simple and secure card to use and to add on that with it you can be able to do a lot all the way from, ATM withdraws, renting cars and can be used all over the world. In addition to that the reloading is faster, affordable in that it only costs 4.95 dollars only and you can deposit money up to $2500 or more when direct deposit is used. What are you waiting for? Get started today to enjoy.

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