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Nordstrom is a high-end department store chain in the US. The company has not less than 115 department stores all over the country. This publicly held company is traded on New York stock exchange and the company has recorded its annual revenue of $8 billion in the year 2009. It has a workforce of more than 52000 employees. The company is based in Seattle, Washington. In the beginning company was a shoe store. The company is known for its customer service, high quality products and reasonable prices.

By virtue of its strong customer base company rapidly expanded its activities into many other areas also and today this supermarket giant offers besides footwear, furniture, jewelry, household products, cosmetics and many other items. In addition to the 115 departmental stores the company is running retail outlets all over US under different brand names like Jeffrey Boutique, Last Chance and Nordstrom Rack etc.

How To Apply Online?

It offers thousands of jobs in the retail sector and those who search new career opportunities can apply online

  • Visit at .
  • Once you are on home page, click the link “search and apply now”.
  • On next page follow the search criteria and provide all the required information.
  • Enter job number and key word.
  • Select your job type.
  • Enter zip code or select location.
  • Provide the employee status.
  • Hit the button “search for job” at the end.

To Login:

  • To access your account go to the official log in page of the company at .
  • Enter your user name.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the button “log in”.

Job Openings:

Company offers abundant employment opportunities for young people who are ready to work hard. Those who seek employment at this departmental store can apply for different types of positions like sales personnel, Merchandisers and cashiers. Employment at company is a great opportunity for entry level personnel to gain experience in retail marketing as well as customer care. Those who have completed 16 years of age can apply for jobs at this company and the jobs ensure enough opportunities for career advancement in the field of retail marketing. Appointment of entry level sales professionals in the department stores as well as retail outlets are an ongoing process at the company and those who have a flair for selling can easily get absorbed into these jobs.

Package Of Benefits To The Employees:

Besides their regular salary, the personnel who work for minimum 129 hours in a month are entitled to many additional benefits. The additional perks for employees at the company include profit sharing, 401 (k) plan and insurances such as medical, dental and vision. The qualified employees are also eligible for paid holidays and cash discounts. Over and above their salary, sales persons at the company are entitled to liberal sales incentives based on their performance. All sales associates at the company are entitled to a commission based on their achieved sales. Those who are interested in a career in the retail industry can take the advantage of then job opportunities here and get into a highly rewarding job in this popular department store chain. Besides being highly lucrative, the jobs ensure a comfortable and exciting work atmosphere.

Be Productive And Earn More:

Thanks to its reputation in the retail market for quality and best customer service, it had never been short of customers. Hence the sales associates at the company have ample scope to do more business every day. The sales commission for the sales personnel makes the sales job more exciting as well as lucrative. Those who put the best efforts and are capable to sell aggressively can make unlimited earnings every month over and above their salary. To search new career opportunities one of the best ways for the dynamic young people to get into a highly rewarding career.

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