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You would have made fun of your friend had he or she told you that a cup of coffee can win you $1000 that too without engaging yourself in any calorie burning physical activity. And, by just filling up a survey to tell your favourite coffeehouse what you want them to do in the future and the ways in which they can improve their services. It has come up with the survey to ask its customers about the flavors of coffee they enjoy or will like to see at store. And, that’s not enough, while filling the survey; it gives its customers a chance to win $1000. It is carrying out this survey to make itself aware about what customers enjoy at its various outlets and in that process, promoting its survey as much as possible.

It was started by the trio of Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker in 1971 in Washington. So far, it has spread across more than 50 countries changing the coffee habits of the coffee lovers. Across all its coffee houses, it offers a delicious palate of food options ranging from bakery products, bistro boxes, breakfast menus, sandwiches, wraps, Paninis, ice-creams, excellent fruit yoghurts. And, then it has a major variety of espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, macchiatos, Americanos and smoothies. In the last 42 years, it has always been making sure that it keeps on adding something new and high on taste. This time around, it is offering its people a chance to win a reward of $1000. So, here is an easy guide for you to become a part of its survey that will help you win.

How To Take Part?

  • Do make sure that you keep your receipt, an invitation that has your Customer Code handy.
  • Once you have that, get access of internet via your smart phone, computer devices or iphones.
  • Then log into www.mystarbucksvisit.com .
  • Then, from the options of English, French and Spanish, choose any one language of your preference.
  • Post that, the page that asks you to fill in the Customer Code will open.
  • Once you do that, hit the “enter” button that’s besides the Customer Code.
  • The survey page will then open up and you will be able to see a form.
  • The survey is in a form of questionnaire. The questionnaire contains various questions. You will also find the instructions to answer the questions. It is done in order to help you fill in the survey without any hassle.
  • Now once you complete the survey, by no means you need to fill that you can’t fill in the survey again. Just like everyone else, you will get number of chances to do that and win $1000.

The better aspect of this survey is that while it gives you a chance to win $1000 prize, it also offers you a chance to tell your favourite Coffeehouse, what kind of improvements you want to see in the quality of their products and services it has established for you.

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