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Spirit Incentives is dedicated to deliver the quality services to provide the consumer based rebate and travel promotional awards. Company has been running the business with pride more than 20 years and facilitates more then 20000 customers every year with outstanding travel programs. You can manage your certificates online, certificate number is required to login to the service.


  • Internet access
  • Personal computers or laptops
  • Certificate number

How To Manage?

  • Visit the website at .
  • Once you access the homepage of the website you can start your application.
  • You will be asked to enter your certificate number. You will see a box at the left side of the homepage to enter the number.
  • Enter your certificate number into the given field. Your number must contain 9 digits. It is unique number of every incentive certificate customer.


  • You will be able to manage your incentive certificates online anytime anywhere
  • This is completely secure site.
  • Easy, simple and convenient

Closing Remarks:

You will be able to get help to redeem your promotional rewards. These certificates will enable you to specific travel benefits, financial, rebate or other benefits. You can manage your certificate online to get the all the benefits through this website. Carefully read about the terms of participation given on the back of your certificate.

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