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It should come to attention of everyone that Turbo Prepaid card will now be issued under the Green Dot Bank. Nevertheless, the services will remain the same as the Green Dot Card functions more or less like the Turbo Prepaid Card in that the customer will not be charged overdraft fees or any other penalty charges and there will never be standardized minimum balance for one to get and have the card.
More About Card:
All this is due to the fact that the card itself will be advantageous to have since it will allow you the user to manage your expenses leave alone the fact that it is safer to carry around. To add on that in case of any loss of the card the company guarantees safety of your money since it blocks any unauthorized access and this is possible if the matter is reported to the bank in advance but then it will ensure that you are issued with another card early so that you are not inconvenienced a lot. Furthermore, the costs of maintaining the card are cheaper in that, little is charged while purchasing goods and services, then best of all is that you won’t incur any charges while doing ATM transaction countrywide.
How do one get this card online?

  • This is actually very simple just visit the website on your after exactly thirty seconds where be required to follow the following procedure in order to get your card; mark you in this new system
  • You will be required to provide a new user name and the password if you were a previous user in order to log into the Green Dot account management website.
  • In case you were re- issued with a Turbo Prepaid Card and you would like to activate it choose on the option that is labelled “register/activate a card” where you will be required to enter the your Cards information that includes the 16 digit number and 3 digit security code number then also you will have to create 4 digit pin number for personal identification followed by your social security number then lastly you will enter the code that appear on the bottom right and is outline in green. Finally click submit to get it all done.
  • In case you are registering for the new card, simply click on the menu that is labeled, “GET A CARD”
  • Then you will need to provide your personal information that includes your name, date of birth, gender social security number in order to get registered. Then click on the option marked register and wait for instruction that follows. It’s actually as simple as that.

This card is one of its kind since after getting it registered and activating it your personalized one just comes to you in less than even a week and you can start enjoying all the services that it can offer.

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