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That Wal-Mart is one large employer in the US; is a valid statement indeed! The store has 2 million or more across 15 countries, working for them! Company’s associates can receive pay through paper check or direct deposit. The firm has got a website for employees. This manages salary, schedules and health benefits. It is possible for direct deposits to be set up from this web in no time at all. By receiving salary through deposits, workers can get their money quicker than with issuance of paper checks. They also save time it takes collecting and cashing checks.


  • You’ll need to provide Identification number.
  • Birth date.
  • Hiring date
  • Email address

How To Sign Up?

  • Visit .
  • Click on the “register button”
  • Select language in which you want to do the registration.
  • Click on the “go” button.
  • Provide the details in the required fields.
  • Enter your identification number.
  • Enter Birth date.
  • Enter Hiring date. If unaware of hire date, the employer can get this from the stores personnel department.
  • Enter Email address
  • Type the characters in the given box.
  • Click on the “submit” button.
  •  Type in user name, password to log in. Click My Money, on menu.
  • Select Payroll in left panel.
  • Go to “direct deposit” and click on its link.
  • Enter bank’s name, address in appropriate fields. If unaware of address, call them and ask for it.
  • Enter account and routing numbers.
  • Routing is 9-digit assigned for ID purposes. The account number will be on bank statements or any other correspondence.
  • If you possess bank checks, numbers will be below, at bottom, the check, and routing number on left, and subsequently, account number.
  • If unable to find numbers, call or visit bank; request this information. Click, Submit, review info entered. Double-check info and click the ‘back,’ button for effecting changes.
  • Agree to terms, conditions; check all boxes and click, ‘Submit.’ Note date that the direct deposit converts to cash.

Here are a few safeguards and tips. Confirm direct-deposit info got saved in the system. Click, ‘Payroll,’ select ‘direct-deposit.’ The page shows the word, ‘Pending.’ Setup direct-deposits within store itself, ask personnel department for direct-deposit forms. Fill out these forms to begin process. Automatically deposit pay to your card for free. Enroll recurring direct-deposit of government checks or pay to Money-Card. Cash available come payday. Save on reload fees or cashing checks. Avoid stolen or lost checks. Deposit partial or full amount of the check. Deposit government checks, payroll, and more.

If you’ve received following, enroll for direct-deposit to card. The listing is Federal benefits like Social Security, veterans, civil service, disability or SSI. State benefits and other income which includes commission checks. With federal government payments, you may have much or little deposited to money card, of benefits or paychecks. Choice is yours, and you may change or cancel amounts of direct-deposit. If enrolling for direct-deposit for federal benefits like Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Supplemental Security, or Federal Civil, the full amount of benefit payments must go into the money-card. You may cancel direct-deposit of federal benefits any time, but shouldn’t change amount of federal direct-deposit. To cancel direct-deposit, contact employer or payer of benefits. They’ll inform you how you can cancel this service. Canceling direct-deposit will not impact use of money-card.

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