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Every user who uses any device can face any issue either it is technical or run time error. The manufacturing companies always provide help and support to their customer to help them for fixing problems. Netflix is also providing its customers Online help support for fixing technical and configuration issues of their customers. If there is new customer who is first time using Netflix may have problem in configuration and connecting device with TV.

How To Fix Problem?

If customer wants to connect new Netflix device with the TV then he/she can call to customer service number or can utilize online help and support service. The online customer service representative will guide the customer how to fix the problem step by step. Alternative you can explore the menus on the page to see steps of configuration.

How To Connect?

  • Click on this link and find Netflix TV help to connect with apple TV.
  • Now select your device from the given list to resolve your connectivity problem.
  • Click on “Apple TV” option.
  • Here you will see the guides of your problem, if you want to update firmware on your Apple TV then follow the given instruction.
  • Open Apply TV main menu and select “Setting”.
  • Choose General>Software Updates>Update Software/Update automatically>.
  • At the last select download and Install option.
  • You just need to follow the steps to solve your problem.
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