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Before going through the procedure describing how to pay a violation ticket in New Jersey, it must be noted that paying the violation straightaway without contesting the accusation is equivalent to admitting your guilt. It means that you have pleaded guilty and the fine paid by you will be sent to the proper municipal court. Driving record points would be added accordingly. Any extra fines or penalties depend on the magnitude of violation and the driver. If something otherwise is not mentioned then the fine can be paid online.

Things To Consider:

It must be noted that every ticket contains a deadline or last date under the ‘Notice to Appear’ section. It is mandatory to pay the fine within this date. In case you do not pay your traffic ticket violation fine within the mentioned date a ‘Failure to Appear’ notice would be sent to you containing information regarding consequences, which may even result up to arrest and cancellation of your license.


The procedure to pay the traffic ticket online is very simple. It can be done by using NJMC direct. A few things should be, however, noted before you start the procedure. They are as follows:

  • The Court ID, along with the ticket prefix is located at the uppermost left side of the ticket.
  • The License Plate Number that is mentioned in the ticket links the offending vehicle and the offence committed.

You also need to make sure of a few things before beginning the process. They are as follows:

Guide To Pay The Ticket:

Visit .

Once you are on the home page click on the “continue” button to access your ticket details.

  • The traffic ticket should be there with you.
  • Enter the Court identification number,
  • Enter the ticket number
  • Enter the ticket prefix number needs to be entered.
  • Enter Your License plate number.
  • Click on the “continue” button and follow the further instructions.
  • You should possess a Visa or MasterCard (or a bank or debit card with either of these logos).
  • You have to give your consent to pay the convenience fee (depending on the fine amount).
  • The citation makes no mention of the fact that your appearance in the court is mandatory. This information is at the bottom of the ticket, highlighted in red.

Other than online mode the Violation ticket fine can also be paid in other ways. They are:

In Person:

The procedures vary from court to court regarding the mode of acceptance of the fine. So before going to pay your fine in person make sure to contact your court beforehand to find about the mode of payment and procedure of payment that it accepts.

By Mail:

The municipal courts of New Jersey accept personal cheques and money orders.  Any of these two types of payments can be sent to the address that is printed on the uppermost right corner of the citation. Be sure to mention the complain number. The money order or the personal cheque should also be payable at the concerned municipal court.

Special note must be made of the fact that offenders under the age of 21 are likely to face tougher punishment, much like a drunk driver. Whether or not you need to make a court appearance will be mentioned on the ticket itself.

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