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O2 surprises is offering a large number of surprises for every player. You can play online games such as silver game gold game. In case of silver game you have to top up with ten euro to play it for once where as in gold game you are supposed to top up with five euro more than silver to get a chance to win awesome surprises.


  • You have to be an O2 Mobile user
  • You have to top up with ten euro in order to participate in silver game
  • In order to participate in gold game you need to top up with fifteen euro.


  • Click on this link
  • If you have topped with total ten Euro then you are required to click on button of “Play silver” located on website.
  • In case you have topped up with fifteen euro then you have to choose play gold game by hitting a click on button of “Play Gold”
  • You are required to input a unique code which you have got along with your mobile phone number in relevant fields.
  • Click on button of “Play” to start your game.
  • You have to choose duck of your choice as target, fix an aim via pistol by using mouse of your system then shot water by clicking your mouse.
  • In case of silver game you have to get hooked duck to play the game.
  • Follow on screen guides to finish the game after then you will win a surprise on your screen. Pick any one and leave your details to receive your surprise.
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