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Yes, you can enjoy receiving photo messages on you Orange mobiles! If you attend a party, share the moment instantaneously with Photo Messaging. Take photos, add voice clip or text and send directly to anybody possessing a messaging phone. You can use Photo Messaging for sending across pictures to networking pages. Find out about sending these to Twitter or Face book also. Photo Messaging is a service allowing clicking photographs and then send to friends, family, colleagues or clients living anywhere; all around the globe in fact!

Send these via your mobile phone. You can also add in voice clips to the photo message. Send out worldwide to more than 130 countries! Shoot these out to an e-mail address or mobile device. Don’t worry, it’s not confusing buy simple cost-effective and quick too! If family or friends don’t possess compatible phones it is still possible to send out the messages. They’ll get text with details of viewing photo messages on company’s website. Or send to any e-mail address they have. Now, manage online digital photos with album service. Save images from PC or phone, share with family and friends, buy prints and create personal gifts. Festival pictures, party snaps or even images of you getting a haircut! Share these moments immediately via photo messaging, adding all such personal touches. You can get photo messaging cheaply search the cost tab to find out more.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “view my message” link.
  • A popup page of message center login will open on your screen.
  • Enter your ID.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the “go” button at the end.

Problems receiving or sending in messages:

  • Video and Photo messaging uses Orange GPRS network, different from voice network standard coverage which is not as wide as you want. Most phones show a GPRS or G when you connect. See whether your phone supports this or not. You can take the help of to get the right information
  • You have this in outbox- After composing message and pressing send button, it probably won’t go immediately. Your phone waits for the GPRS connect and only after that, transmits the message.
  • Have you right settings- phones are ready with right video if having video phone) and photo settings. If any problems crop up, please reset.
  • Company can help by sending correct settings into your phone
  • Do you have the Orange phone? If the phone started on some another network, it can send video (if you’ve got one) and photo messages. However, you’ll need settings for the phone. We will be able to send these along to you.
  • It still doesn’t work It’s not only the phone that needs setting up, the account also does. Sometimes

We believe you don’t own MMS phone, so this won’t reflect in your account. If unable to receive or send mms, call customer services.

What’s the use of clicking those nice photos when you don’t share these treasures with others? Don’t hide them away; create your own photo album, online of course, to keep memories alive. Or alternately, print the photos and frame. A 50 or 100 Photo bundle has photo messages for album or family and friends included. Go for it!

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