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You would not have believed had anyone told you that gorging on your favourite bread will win you  a staggering $2000. And that too by merely filling a questionnaire that wants to discuss the quality of services your favourite bread-maker offers. It has come up with a survey that asks its customers about their preferences and tastes. And while doing that, it gives its consumers a chance to win a whopping amount of $2000 as a reward. The survey is undertaken to know what customers would want to get at there and while doing so, promote its survey as much as possible.

Founded in 1981, it has various outlets across the United States of America and Canada. Almost all these outlets have a wide variety of delicious pastries and sweets, egg souffles, breakfast sandwiches, bagels and spreads, hand-tossed salads, Panini, soups and pastas. For the last 32 years and with such a variety, it has been pleasing its consumers and fulfilling their needs to taste some of the best bakery products. In addition to a mouth-watering menu, it now gives the people a chance to win a reward. So, here is a simple step-by-step guide to be a part of its survey that makes you eligible to win.

How To Take Part?

  • Whenever you are at store, make sure you keep the valid receipt containing the date and time of your visit and a valid store number.
  • Then use your mobile handsets or devices from which you can access the internet.
  • After that, log into . There you can participate in the contest after filling in the necessary details.
  • Once you have done that you need you need to fill in the information required to start the Survey. The details include the café number that is mentioned on the receipt of your latest purchase.
  • Once you fill all the above mentioned details, click on the “next” button. It will directly take you to the survey page.
  • Now, you can see the questionnaire containing a number of questions and the instructions to answer them. You will not take much longer to complete the questionnaire.
  • Once you have completed the survey, then there is nothing more to be done.
  • Now, don’t feel that once you fill the survey, you can’t participate again. You will get as many chances as you want to win $2000.

Participating in this survey is beneficial for you either way. One, it will give you a shot to win $2000. Two, as they listens to its customers’ needs. You can guarantee that it will further improve the quality of its products. This is a special opportunity where a breadwinner, a bread-maker and a bread-eater will have a happy time together and the customers will be given a special chance to be eligible to take part  the sweepstake!

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