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Red Flex traffic system is providing a facility to view your traffic violation video through vehicle camera which is monitoring the movement of traffic and other law enforcement activities. This company is using both mobile and fixed cameras in order to record traffic violation videos. Later, these videos are used for cross reference with plates of license. On confirmation these citations of traffic are forward to relevant person. If you are that person then you can view your red light violation video online after accessing your account of photo notice. For more details read remaining section of article.


  • You must own a computer with internet connection available on device.
  • You should have received citation of traffic through mail.
  • Keep citation number handy
  • You must have license plate of your vehicle
  • Visit website on given URL Link

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Open an official website of Red Flex Traffic system at
  • After visiting home page of you are required to enter citation number in marked field as directed.
  • In next step you have enter license number of your automobile in fixed field.
  • Add your city code in marked text box and click on button of “Log in” to proceed with process.
  • Now you have to access your video uploaded on web page regarding light violation.
  • By following these guides you can pay off your dues easily. If you have any question regarding this process feel free to visit FAQ web page of Photo notice.
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