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While many of you may be a single parent dwindling the time between taking care of a child and doing the other hectic chores on the other hand, there will be many parents who find it difficult to find a one stop destination for their kids as well. Children’s shopping involves lot of care and precision and hence any parent, single, working or average will have to do that with a bit of caution. While there are various shops and malls that cater exclusively to the innumerable needs of the kids, not all are as great as some and while talking about these some, the name of Children’s place cannot be left behind.

Do you like shopping in the store? These stores can be described as specialty retailers, dealing in accessories and clothing for kids, newborn babies and 10-year-olds. If you’ve of late gone to store, please give feedbacks on customer service received that gives you $20 rebate on next purchases. So here is an exclusive opportunity to buy from the best shop and even get an exclusive chance to get rebate at the next time you come to shop by just letting the company know about its services, good or bad!

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Visit online survey webs and select language, Spanish, French or English. You’ll be requested to enter receipt details and the date of your trip, time involved, account and transaction number and amounts you spent totally. Upon filling all details, receive 20 percent rebated coupon off next purchases, more than $30 at store, the steps to doing the survey.

How To Join?

  • Enter .
  • Select language.
  • Read rules, regulations and privacy policy as well as system requirements on home page (found on top)
  • Enter information from receipt. This includes date, transaction number.
  • For verification, re-enter transaction number from register receipt.
  • Answer whether the customer is 18 years or older.
  • Clicks on the “submit” button after you are finished.
  • You’ll be queried with questions, in relation to recent experiences you’ve undergone at the store.
  • Please answer honestly and thoroughly as you can.
  • At end of survey, you’ll get notification of having immediately bagged an I Pod! If this is so, follow the directions so you can claim your prize.
  • Finish and enter sweepstakes for grand prize. Enter information required.

It sells quality kids wear with outfits specially designed for kids. Store goal is providing best customer service, making things simple, easy and quick for consumers who are shopping and hoping to locate helpful staff. Did you get good service when you visited store? If you like sharing the experience you had, take part in online surveys and claim 20 percent bonus, when you buy next. Avail more than $30.

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