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If you are regular customer at Royal Mail then you can take Renewal service. Redirection service is allowed to every customer to continue their mailing service after updating and changing the mailing address. You can redirect your mailing service to UK and overseas address before moving to new place. If you are moving to a new place then you have to submit your application before three months.

Now it has become easy and convenient to customers to extend their mail redirection service. Now customers can use this service online via accessing redirection service to change the current address to the new address. Only register user can use this service via logging into account.


  • Go to this link and access renewal service online.
  • Now click on “Renew your redirection” button.
  • Now provide your login detail like “Email address” and “Password” and your password must be at least 8 characters without any space.
  • If you have not already registered then click on “Register” button to create a new account.
  • Select the type of account and click on “Continue” button.
  • Provide your personal detail like “title” “First name” “Last name” “Email address” “Password” and “Password reminder”.
  • Enter your address detail like “Flat name” “Property name” “Property number” “Street” “City or town” “Postcode” “Country” “Home phone number” “Mobile number”
  • If you want to receive information about products, services, special offers then choose any option and read the terms and condition if you are agree then select the check box.
  • At the end press “Register” button

About Service:

Royal Mail company was created in 1516 UK – State own public limited company to give mail service to all over the world customers. Domestic and overseas customers can send their parcels to different countries via this reliable source.

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