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Have you heard of Selmon Expressway? It is run by Tampa-Hillsborough Authority. They offer services to those using this expressway, permitting online payment of bills. Expressway authorities send drivers invoices via mail. The driver can then pay invoices through the net. These have to login to the system using license numbers of their vehicle. Paying via the net is a process that’s convenient, easy and quick. Instead of a check that is routed through mail or using a service representative via phone, the driver handles formalities over the net whenever they find time for it. The instructions for invoice payments posted on the site are simple and easy to understand.

Company was built stage by stage from 1976-1987, the expressway connecting South Tampa and downtown Tampa. The expressway as stated earlier is looked after by Tampa-Hillsborough Authority. This limited-access expressway is electronically managed, with tolls collected by photographing license plates or Sun pass transponder and forwarding invoices via mail. Sun Pass is pre-paid, an account you can use on all toll roads in Florida and which saves money while tolling. While drivers aren’t obligated to buy Sun Pass, having Sun Pass provides certain benefits. Sun Pass is least expensive, drivers save 25 cents at tolling points. A Sun Pass account saves you money if driving other Florida toll-roads also. The saving is about 25 percent or so at toll plazas.


  • Well, you need a PC with access to internet.
  • You require a credit card or bank account that can makes online payments.
  • You need to have the license plate and invoice numbers at your side while logging in.

How To Pay An Invoice Online?

  • Go to payment section on the official website at .
  • Enter account number that appears on invoice you got through mail,
  • Enter vehicle license number and the state you live in.
  • Enter required fields and click on button that is marked, ‘Go.’
  • Enter payment information and complete online invoice process of payment as instructed.
  • If any questions regarding payments, refer to at FAQ related.

Account holders are allowed to use transponders for parking fee payment at Tampa, Palm Beach, the airport and Orlando. No need to worry if you don’t possess Sun Pass because you can use Selmon Expressway instead. With the ‘We Bill’ system, photograph of license plates are taken at tolling points and monthly invoice are bundled and sent to address shown on your vehicle’s registration. Multiple options are on hand for paying. You can pay by credit or debit card, money order or check using the net, phone or mail.

‘We Bill’ tolls get electronically collected that means drivers don’t have options for cash payments. Video will take license plate pictures and those rolled into one monthly bill mailed to vehicle’s address. ‘We Bill’ holders don’t get Sun Pass rebates on this company. ‘We Bill,’ concept however, is post-paid, where monthly invoice are mailed to addresses on license plates.

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