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It is an American multinational mid-range departmental store chain. It has its headquarters at Hoffman Estate, Illinois. This company was founded in 1893 by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck. At first it was opened as a mail order catalog and in 1925 it began operating in physical stores.

Application Methods:

  • First you need to decide exactly which type of card you need because company offers more than one type of card to both the customers as well as to businesses. If you are not sure about the card according to your needs, it is recommended to fill an application form for the same. If you are approved to be a cardholder, you will be given a card according to your credit background, needs and demands.
  • Apply for your card from a store. Officials at store will entertain your application right away. But by chance if you are not approved immediately you need to have patience because it can be possible that the enquiry system is down and the approval decision cannot be made on the spot. In case if the card does not get approved, you can wait for a refusal letter that explains the reason for it.
  •  Another method for applying is that you can fill a paper application and mail it in. This method is very apt for those, who do not feel comfortable in talking and giving personal and official information to a salesperson over a counter. You should know that this method will take a longer time compare to other methods, but it is still an option.

How To Get Online Card?

  • Another method can be applying online at .
  • Click on “apply now” button.
  • Next a form will appear. Fill in that form.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Enter your financial information.
  • Enter your security information.
  • Check the box to manage your account online.
  • Check the boxes to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on “continue” button.
  • You may get an instant credit decision when you apply online.
  • Since these cards are issued through Citibank, a Citibank website will accept the approval.
  • You don’t need to be uncomfortable while applying for the right card as Citibank website is highly safe and secured site.
  • You can apply by calling them if you want. You can call on (877) 319-7904 and apply for a card. This method will also ask for your personal financial credit information. You may even get an instant credit decision if you apply over the phone. Also in some cases, you may get an immediate access to the credit line even before receiving the card via mail.

Company’s credit has its own set of advantages and you need to have one to get the full benefit. If you like to do online shopping from store, then you may be interested in getting full benefit from its exclusive card as well. Applying for a card is an easy procedure. But it is also to be noticed that if you don’t have a perfect credit background, your card application may not be approved. So your credit report goes through a check to make sure that your card application is getting accepted at the end.

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