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Many people believe in luck and there are many others, who want to be lucky just for free. Well Sears, one of the most popular departmental giants of the United States of America wants to give every customer a chance to be lucky for free and get a chance to win $4000 in its fill survey sweepstake. All a participant has to do is shop with Sears and get lucky. The departmental store giant that sells almost everything under the Sun right from accessories, electronic equipment, clothes, shoes and groceries wants to know exactly what the customers feel for their services and hence are coming out with this $4000 sweepstake.

While you might be wondering how to take part in this sweepstake, it is not as difficult as it might look like at first. All a customer needs to do is shop with Sears and then fill the survey form. There are certain conditions or taking part in the contest though. For once, the participant must be a permanent resident of the Puerto Rico, United State Virgin Island, United States of America, and the Guan and secondly; he must be over the requisite legal age of 18 years. A customer will just need to spend some time, around ten to fifteen minutes at the maximum to fill in the survey completely.

This Step By Step Guide:

  • First of all, you need to shop with Sears. The competition is open to all the stores of Sears working in the places mentioned above. Once you do that, you will be receiving a receipt from them that will be carrying all the details regarding your transaction.

How To Participate?

  • Then you will be required to visit the official Sears website  that will be directly taking you to the shopping page.
  • Select a language based on your preference. You can either select English or Spanish, whichever language you are comfortable in.
  • Once you are selecting the preference language, you will need to send in the details that are available in the receipt like the12 digit sales check number.
  • Provide answers about your experience at the store.
  • Click on the “submit” button.

Company is giving this amazing opportunity to its esteemed customers. The company believes that the only key to do better service is to note down, what the customer says and then sell accordingly. This is the reason why the company is giving handsome prize money of $4000 to anyone filling their survey forms and helping the company in this endeavor. Out of all the participants, a lucky one will be selected and will be given the $4000 prize money. But there is definitely something for the others as well- a great service at the end of the day!

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