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The Paperless Pay Stub program is very popular now and numerous organizations have switched over to the Paperless pay stub system to distribute salaries to the employees. There are many professional websites that function as service providers of the program. The employees can sign into through such websites so that the salary details of the employee cannot be leaked out from an email. The online pay stub also provides all details including gross emoluments, tax deductions, other statutory deductions and net amounts paid etc. in a well arranged format. This system provides quick access for the employees to their pay stub details. They can Sign into the website and view all details pertaining to their current as well as previous pay stubs.


The main advantages of system for the disbursement of salary are:

  • Cost reduction since no paper is required to prepare the pay stubs
  • 24×7 instant access for employees to their payroll details
  • No delivery delays since the operation is online
  • Assured security of personal data
  • Saving of time


Many organizations have replaced the age old system of check-payment payroll system with the TALX Payroll system.  This system enables the wages department to prepare the online payroll stubs, effects the deposits and maintain and update the records. The employees can access the system and check the details pertaining to their wages. The personal details of all permanent employees will be on the TALX Pay Roll system. TALX pay is a software program that can be purchased by the organization that wants to switch over to the new online method for salary disbursement.

How To Log In?

  • Go to www.securitasepay.com .
  • On home page click on the link “click here to log in”.
  • A pop up page will appear on your screen, enter your social security number in the given box.
  • Click “continue” button at the end.

Substantial Savings:

The numerous payroll service providers are able to develop a lot of clients since this method of its payment disbursement is highly cost saving. This system enables an organization to save not less than $3 for each payment. In addition to considerable cost saving, the payment system ensures delivery of payment on the exact date. It has simplified the procedure for maintaining payroll records. its Payroll method completely avoids the consumption of paper and saves money and time. It provides easy and quick anytime access for employees to the payroll details. They can sign into the website at any time.


The efficiency and quickness of the system are incredible. Moreover, in this system the recipients of payment need not wait for reconciliation of the cheque and also the risk of cheque fraud is no more there. The main characteristics are:

  • Electronic Attendance Recording:

There is no need to maintain papermade attendance registers or cards. The attendance and time of entry as well as exit of each employee are recorded electronically.

  • Payment:

The payment is effected by way of direct deposits instead of issuing cheques to each employee.

  • Electronic Pay Roll Maintenance:

The payroll will be an online document and there will be no more registers and other documents pertaining to payrolls.

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