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Do you have SecuritE card? If you have recently applied for it then you will get your card within few business days. On getting your card you have to go through some necessary processes to use this card to use if for making payments. You have to activate your card first via online service and then you can use this card for payments. There is online account management service for your card to manage your card activities. You can check your card transactions on regular bases. You can create your card by entering your card details to register your card account online.

How to login:

  • Follow this URL www.securitecard.com and access the official website.
  • Enter the SecuritE Card account number, which is only 16 digits and password and press “Login”
  • If you are new user then setup your online account provides your card account number and press “Next” button.
  • You need to whole the setup procedure of your account.
  • Once carried out, that you would be able to manipulate your account or see if the child payment fee has arrived to your account.

About Card:

The Department of Social Services of Missouri issued this debit card to those who have applied for child support and family support program. Government is sending monthly payments via card that you can easily withdraw by using any bank or ATMs machine. This card is valid where debit MasterCards are acceptable. You can make payment via this card conveniently and can handle you card via online account to check the balance and other information related to the card. You can login into your card account

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