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If you are fond of Staples products and offerings then you must enter in the exclusive program of Staples Easy Rebate. The program gives you the benefit of saving on your purchases. This is very different from coupon code. In a coupon you get the discount before you make a purchase and you pay less. But the program enables you to buy a product at its regular price and refund you whenever you ask for it. The reason why company provides you with this offer is that you can assess what your potential liability is.

Easy Rebates are available on products purchased from store or from company’s website. Whenever you are purchasing any products look for their products. The products on which you can get the rebate are identified with tag “Easy Rebate”. You will get all the necessary information you want via email. And the best news is you can get it faster i.e. within 4 to 6 weeks. Try to make some copies of forms and original sales receipt. This is a precautionary step to adhere if any problems occur with your redemption. If you bought a product through catalog then use the packing slip that is included in your order as a proof of purchase.

How To Track?

  • First you need to go to official website at .
  • Once you have purchased the products which have the facility of Easy Rebate on them, you are given a code.
  • This is your personal code and you need it at the time of redemption
  • Once you are at their website, go to the home page.
  • Scroll until the end. You will come across the heading “Customer Service”. In this category the link named “Rebate Center is given” Click it.
  • You will be directed to their page. Here under the headline of “where is my rebate?” you will find the topic “Track an Easy Rebate”. Click the link.
  • In this page, you are provided with two options regarding tracking. One is tracking by last name and zip code and another one is by tracking number choose your preferred option.
  • If you choose the first option, then enter your name, zip code (zip code where the rebate will be mailed) and email id and then click ‘submit’.
  • If you are choosing the second option, then you need to first enter your tracking number (which was emailed to you) and then your email id. After that click ‘submit’.

Choosing this program is the best option to enjoy all the benefits provided to you.

It is world’s largest office products company and second largest in internet retailer. It is over 2,000 stores in 26 countries. It has its headquarters is in Framingham, Massachusetts, United States. The company was founded in 1986. It offers break room supplies, furniture, copy and print services and a vast range of other product categories. With thousands of associates worldwide operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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