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Study Island is an internet based software program, designed to help the students in their education in fifty states of USA, as well as in some prime states of Canada. Each state has got a unique program, made according to the educational standard of that state, so that the students can pass different achievement tests of that state. This program helps the students to achieve higher marks in these competitive examinations.

Details About This Unique Educational Program:

  • It is recommended in more than twenty four thousand schools in USA and Canada, used by over eleven million students individually.
  • The organizers of this unique study program has employed over thirty content writers to research about the study materials and techniques of each state of USA and Canada, and create appropriate contents to facilitate the study of the students of those areas.
  • These contents are very specially written, giving stress on the expertise on the main subjects by constant practice and evaluation of the study materials for the students of different levels.
  • It is a very user friendly program which fully prepares the students for undertaking any highly competitive examination.

Way To Get:

  • Visit direct link .
  • On the page you will see a form to fill in
  • Select whether you are a current customer or not.
  • Enter required details in the respective fields.
  • Enter the title.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Enter email address.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select the state from drop down menu.
  • Enter the school name.
  • Type information about how they can help you.
  • Click on the “contact us” button at the end.

To Login:

A student needs to create a onetime login id and a password by visiting to gain online access to the unlimited study materials available with the website.

Unique Characteristics:

  • It is not a syllabus, but just a supplement to the regular study materials of the students.
  • The sets of questionnaire are supported by small summary of the study contents on which the questions are based, for each of the standard syllabus.
  • Thus the students can have a revision on those chapters before attempting to answer the questions of the exercise on their own.
  • The students get the report of their mock examination in this program quickly. When they choose a correct answer in first chance, they obtain a yellow star for it. But if their answer is wrong, they are reported instantly and are given another chance for choosing the right answer, till they finally click on the right answer. But the final score informs how many answers they have got right in first chance.
  • If a teacher needs a specific chapter to be worked upon by his students, he can set the program accordingly, after he finishes teaching that chapter in his class.
  • Also the person handling this program can decide on the number of questions to be examined, according to his choice and suitability.
  • This program is built in three unique modes for answering the questions; they are test mode where the questions are set according to the state examination level, printable mode where the questions can be taken out as a printed question paper and given to the students for answering, and game mode where the students can answer the questions in form of an enjoyable game.

This educational program can set goals for encouraging the students in doing better preparation on their study materials; when a target score is set on the program, the student who achieves more than that benchmark score is awarded a blue ribbon. This program builds up the base of each subject in a student and even a poor merited student is practiced repeatedly to gradually expertise on their weaker subjects, thus achieving a much better result on his academic report.

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