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Gap analysis is a type of customer survey in which the customer’s priority and their satisfaction based on those priorities are surveyed. This type of feedback from the customer enables the company to identify the areas of customer priority and accordingly they can initiate actions to improve their services in those areas.  Customer Feedback Survey shows the significance of different aspects of customer service and to what extent the customers are satisfied with that aspect. The difference between the satisfaction rating and the importance rating shows the gap. The ratings are made on a 5 point scale. In the survey of customer satisfaction “1” indicates maximum dissatisfaction and “5” indicates maximum satisfaction. Similarly in the survey to find out the important aspects “1” indicates the least importance and “5” indicates the maximum importance.


 This Customer Feedback Survey consists of two types of readings – the satisfaction rating and the importance rating. By way of subtracting the satisfaction rating score from the importance rating score the gap is obtained. The net result of survey is the interpretation of the gap. When the value difference is very close to zero the interpretation is that the importance and satisfaction are balanced to each other.  When the gap is above zero the indication is that the customers regard the particular service very important. In that case the company will initiate actions to improve the quality of that service. When the gap is in negative, ie below zero, the interpretation is that the particular service is not so important in the customer’s point of view, but they are quite satisfied with the same. There is no need of any further actions in such cases.

Online Survey:

  • Go to .
  • Select the language.
  • Enter your age.
  • Enter your gender.
  • Select your work place from the given options if you have any from them.
  • Enter store number.
  • Click “next” button.
  • Next you have to follow the instruction to complete the process.
  • The purpose of survey is to know from the customer about his shopping experience.
  •  The answers from the customers to the questionnaire reflect their appreciation as well as grievances.
  • By analyzing the feedback the company can identify the specific areas where they have to improve and the other areas where they are quite comfortable. Accordingly they can initiate action plans to improve their products as well as services. This will enable them to offer much better service to the customer the next time.

Advantages To Customers:

The Customer Feedback Survey will take maximum15 minutes to complete. As soon as the customer completes the survey he will be provided with a code word. When the customer goes to that shop the next time for a purchase he can quote the code word in the receipt and avail 20% discount for a regular item. In the survey, the customer can choose English, French or Spanish as his language for the survey. As a result, customer from any country can participate in the Customer Feedback Survey and avail the cash discount. The information collected from the customer will be kept confidential. The feedback received in this survey will not be published anywhere.

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