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Have you ever wondered being fashion conscious and at the smae time getting returns and savings. Well Old Navy is doing just that, it is letting its customers to shop with them and take a 20% price off. A customer only requires to participate in the survey and you are done with getting discounts on your next shopping trip at there.  Fashion is a trend which has no limits, no boundaries it is a habit which has been coming for ages. One can be a classic stylist other can be a casual freak, there are many who would like to dress crazily, there is no limit to the imagination.  However people are always on the lookout for stores where they can go to enjoy the experience with the sheer variety on display. These clothing outlets are generally those which showcase a wide range which meet the demands of the consumer, and giving them the feeling that this is the ultimate store for them.

It is more than a hundred year old clothing brand which as been highly successful and has a brand loyalty. The success can be attributed to two factors the huge variety of fashion clothes offered here match the very best and suit all kinds of tastes. The price is also reasonable which adds to the value.  The company’s foray into online shopping has given it a big boost, as it feels the consumer can choose more as he can do is shopping independently.

How To Take The Survey?

When you complete your shopping at the store remember to  keep the receipt with you as it has information which is to be filled up if and when you are taking the survey:

  • Get access to the internet, land at the website of the company www.survey4on.com .
  • Once there go to the survey link and start the procedure.
  • There are many options for choosing the language in which you would like to take the survey, chose the language you re comfortable in to participate..
  • There will be some basic information to be filled up on the page, enter your age and gender.
  • Select your answer about your work place.
  • Enter your store number, this information will can be found on your receipt.
  • Make sure your answers are honest, this will help the company remove any glitches in the services or products.
  • Take your time giving relevant answers, after completing submit your answers and you will be given a code  which you can either print or jot down so that you will be able to redeem it for a discount of 20%  the next time you shop at its outlet.

Your participation in our surveys will convey to the company about your being a valued customer of the brand of clothing and also let them know about your experience, which will certainly shape up the services in a better way.

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