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Whatever may be your preferred mode to connect, you can be sure of finding the service suited to your preference in T-mobile. But it must be noted that all mobiles do not support all kinds of plans. So you need to choose a plan before finding a service that is provided through a particular plan. The process of sending and receiving picture messages on mobile is very simple. You can re-explore and share your world through pictures and videos shot and sent simply through your phone. The simple process enables you to capture the moments on your phone without missing out on the fun. Keep the favorites saved and re-visit the good times at your pleasure and leisure. You can also keep your favorites saved online through your online Album in my mobile.

The Fun Possibilities Are Endless:

Just imagine how great it would be to be able to send instant ‘Miss You’ pictures, to be able to able to send real time videos of your winning moment in a race. All these and plenty more opportunities are just waiting to be explored by you.

It Is Also Very Pocket Friendly:

The maximum fun can be derived from a picture or a video when it is viewed by many. For that you have got to share them. Now you can either do that for free by storing them in your online Album or you can use picture and video messages to share them with family and friends at the rate of just $0.20 each. You can also go for unlimited domestic messaging through a Talk and Text rate plan. These plans also include picture messages. However, it must not be forgotten that international roaming rates would apply if you move out of USA and choose to send a picture or video message to someone living in USA.

How To Get?


  • On home page you have to provide phone number and password which you received by the company.
  • Enter your telephone number in the given box.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on the “login” button at the end.
  • Once you are log in to your account you can access your picture messages on your phone.

The Easiest Way To Get Talk And Text Plan:

It would enable you to send and receive as many picture and video messages as you want. It is also very simple to find out a plan that suits your needs. Not only does the Talk and Text plans include unlimited domestic messages, it also includes When ever [email protected] for calls. You have a wide range of choice ranging from Talk only plans to Talk+ Text+ Web plan. You can go for whichever plan you think would best suit you.

In case you are facing problems or finding it impossible to send Picture messages from your new [email protected] then you may need to install a few settings to enable this service on your unlocked device on T-Mobile, USA.

For all I [email protected] 5 users, the MMS settings would be:




MMS Proxy:

The user may have to restart his device after these settings have been entered. To ensure the smooth functioning of the picture messages service it should be noted that the Cellular Data must be turned on. You may also use I [email protected] as it is the only messaging service that works with other devices like I Pad and I Phone and I Touch. It uses your apple ID via the data connection.

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