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Doing business since 1951, ‘Jack in the Box’ is one of the oldest customer restaurants found in USA. Although the company had seen some hard days during the time when a few tainted food items were discovered in some of the restaurants, they bounced back with vigor and are now a much preferred spot for many family diners. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that apart from offering innumerable options, they allow their customers to know exactly how much calorie they are taking in by allowing them to choose their own meal. But they also recognize the fact that like all other businesses a lot depends on the satisfaction of the customers.

Hence, a number of steps are taken to receive proper customer feedback. Some of them are as follows:

  • They can be contacted via e-mail or feedbacks can be posted in websites.
  • In case a customer feels that his problem needs immediate attention and he is not willing to wait for the time generally required to receive an answer via e-mail then he can also call up their customer service team. Department of Guest Relations is available from Monday to Friday PT between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Although many people consider writing letters to be an obsolete practice, yet it can still be used to contact the concerned authorities. The letter has to be addressed to their corporate office. In order to get a much faster response, the customer needs to provide an attention line. But the method of complaining through letter is very slow when compared to the other methods.
  • It also conducts a customer survey feedback program through TalktoJackintheBox.com. Anyone who has dined in their restaurant is welcome to take part in it. It even provides the participants to win $ 10,000.


  • A PC or any device with Internet access
  • A company survey invitation for the customers to speak out their mind about the company and in turn expect a better service in the future.

How To Take Part?

  • It is very easy to take part in the survey. Procedure is:
  • Visit www.talktojackinthebox.com .
  • Click ‘Start’ after entering the survey 16 digit invitation code.
  • Follow the instructions given and fill up the questionnaire
  • After completing the required procedures the participant would be guided to the sweepstakes page to register their e-mail id., name and contact number.
  • The sweepstakes rules should be noted.

By asking for the customer feedback proves the company’s intention of improving. Based on the customer’s feedback the company wishes to upgrade its quality of food, services and overall standard. This intention of the company is evident from the efforts it puts in to receive proper feedbacks.

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