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How to spend money in a restaurant and still win coupons?  Well with the Sonic drive-in, nothing is impossible! The restaurant is currently giving chances to its esteemed customers to take part in its survey and win coupons. This is unlike the other survey form given by the other companies, since here there is a surety that once you take part in the survey, you will definitely be getting something or the other. A cool feature of this fill survey get coupons offer is that no matter what you order or what your transaction value is, almost everyone has an equal chance of winning it.

The fast food restaurant is entirely functional in the United States and one needs to have a valid receipt from to win coupons and take a part in the contest. The receipt will be carrying a code that is required to be filled after filling up the survey.  Once filling it up, you will be given a unique code that can be redeemed by you at any of the restaurant.

Step By Step Guide:

Here is the step-by-step guide so to let you fill the form in an efficient way altogether:

  • First of all, you would be required to have a valid receipt that you can get after dining at restaurant. This will give you an ID number, which you can use at the time of filling up the survey.
  • Once you get the receipt, you can directly log in to the official site at www.talktosonic.com .
  • Once you get there, you will be required to enter the same ID number that you had received with the receipt. The ID number is your official passport to get to the survey form and win the coupons.
  • Once the screen accepts your ID number, you will be required to click on the “start” button that will let you land on the survey page.
  • Once there, you can fill in the survey and the list of questionnaire given there. It would not take more than ten to fifteen minutes for a person to fill these forms. The questions are very simple and one can answer each one of them in a matter of few seconds.
  • You will be getting a validation code after this. You can now use this code to redeem the coupons at restaurants afterwards.

It is actually very simple to fill in the survey and what one needs to do is spare some minutes of their precious time, around five to ten minutes, to tell them their positive and negative points. While many customers do not read the survey forms fully, it must be remembered that these survey forms are just an initiative from the part of company to cater to their customers in a better way. So an honest answer from your part will not only help you in getting coupons, but also a better service from them.

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