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You will make fun of anyone who would say that an outlet catering to everyone’s needs will give you freebees worth $1500. And that too, when you had not shopped at its outlet and merely by filling in the survey that would help the store to know what people think of its services and the experience they got when they visited one of its outlets. Target has come up with such a survey that asks its people to rate their experience with Target. And while you complete the survey, it offers its customers with a chance to win $1500 free gift cards. The presence of 300 $25 free gift cards means more people will get a chance to the page where you need to key in you to become the reward winner. While this survey wants to know about people’s view of Target, in that process it wants to promote its survey as far as possible.

It was founded in 1902 by George Dayton in the USA. As of now, it has spread its outlets in more than 15000 locations across the globe. Since the time of its conception, it has been continuously offering its services to people of different age groups. Right from toddler to a 70 year old grandmother, from 17 year old teens to 50 year old businessman and from A housewife to her about to get married son or daughterSo, below is the step-by-step guide to be a part of the survey that gives you a chance to win freebies.

How To Take Part Online?

  • The best part of the survey is you need not buy anything from the shop to participate in the survey and win yourself a gift.
  • Still, you have to make sure that you have the registration receipt that you will get when you visit the stores.
  • The survey can be filled in with multiple methods.  (1) a mail-in  entry and (2) by registering the receipt number directly.
  • Post that, you need to get access to the internet enabled mobile, iPhone or desktop computer and/or laptop.
  • Then log into www.Target.com/survey .
  • Choose between English or Spanish as the language in which you want to answer the survey.
  • Once you hit the ‘Next’ button, and then type your user id, password and time of the day when you visited the shop.
  • All these details can be found on the receipt you receive when you visit the outlet.
  • Once you hit the next button, it will take you to the page of the survey.
  • Then the Customer Satisfaction Survey page consists of questions. The questionnaire also has the instructions that will help you to complete the survey with a relative ease.
  • Now as you have finished the survey, you have made yourself eligible to win either a $1,500 gift card or $25 gift card.

The good part of this survey is that you need not shop at the outlets and yet you can win the free gift cards it is offering. While answering the survey gives you a chance to win gift cards, it’s also given a chance to know how people are viewing the services it has been coming up with. . It at a very decent prices offer a variety of food products, then it also has the electronic goods, furniture, health and beauty products and what not. This time around, through its survey it is giving the people to either win free $1500 or $25 gift cards.

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