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Are you one of those ardent, die-hard PSP, computer or PS, game fans? Did you ever buy Game Stop games? If yes then you shouldn’t lose opportunities for providing its reviews, and getting a sweepstake winning chance for nice prizes, like its $500 Gift Card, the PS3 Games, and such. Survey is the online version promoted, which is the famed game retailer of America. After bringing out this survey, Company expects feedback’s from its customers on services and products, and all reviews sent in by participants will hold great value as suggestions which will be taken seriously for improvements. The survey once started, will be done in 5 minutes, and all participants get chances to win sweepstakes and special prizes as mentioned earlier.

How Do You Take Part In The Survey?

The requirements are:

You should buy an item at the store then retain the receipt. You will require having internet access.

Here is a sample guide.

Purchase items but don’t throw away the receipt.

  • Visit website.
  • Select language.
  • Enter associate number.
  • Enter feedback number which is printed at bottom of the receipt.
  • Click “start” button to begin the survey.
  • Answer all questions pertaining to the shopping you experienced.
  • Click the, ‘finish’ button then give your contact info, so they can inform you if you happen to win sweepstakes.

One retailer got a personal email inviting him to join the survey. It took him a total of just 3 minutes to finish with all the details. Each survey gives about 5 to 10 points and it takes only 30 seconds or so for 5-pointers, and one minute for 10-pointers. All the retailer did was, fill all the check boxes provided. For your reference, you get $25 gift card which tallies to about 300 points, and 450 points are given for $50 gift-card. If it’s talking about time spent for filling surveys, the retailer got around 1 minute per 10 points and for 450 points 45 minutes. It is solid for the time spent, but you’ll not get this immediately. 2 surveys were ready for this retailer, plus one bonus question for 20 points.

Available are other cards such as like Ticket master, Starbucks and tunes at different levels. The next console from Sony was called most anticipated with 34 % of survey people declaring interest to buy said system, numbers outperforming tablets at 22 % and smart phones, 23 %. However, methodology of survey wasn’t disclosed, and targeted audience were clients, which meant the results didn’t necessarily reflect wider consumers. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Xbox was not on listing, perhaps due to no prior announcement. The chief executive said Gen-next Xbox is compelling and very hot as a device.

It said nearly 900,000 clients signed to receive retailer’s info relative to PS4. Sony set PS4 release for around 2013 December or thereabouts.

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