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Sports clips is a chain of haircut that caters to men. This was established in 1993. Now-a-days it does not matter at all that where you live in this world what matters a lot is a nice haircut. The way you look define the way how you feel and express yourself. Sports clips is providing haircut services to their customers that’s is why they have arranged an online survey to measure performance of store. If you are a customer of Spaorts cuts then you can take part in this survey to express your feelings regarding quality of services of store. What’s more? You are supposed to take part in survey by following stated below set of requirements and instructions.

Set of Requirements:

  • You are required to have a computer device with internet access
  • Visit store to have a new hair cut
  • You need to have a receipt in hand
  • Visit website on stated URL Link

Set of Instructions:

  • Open a website of Sports Cuts survey at www.Tellsportclips.com
  • You are supposed to provide store number in given field of text which you can find on sales slip.
  • Input date of visit again you can have this information from sales slip.
  • Being a customer you are required to answer questionnaire honestly.
  • Once you have completed the survey you will be awarded with a redemption code to cash a gift.
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