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A Subway sandwich is delicious for sure. Now, it will be more delightful as it is offering free coupon codes for everyone. And getting those coupons is not difficult either. You just have to fill in the questionnaire discussing the services your favourite sandwich maker is offering to its customers. Well, it is a joyful time as it has bothered to come up with a special survey inviting the people to let company know about what they perceive of company and what they feel and expect from there store. And valuing people’s efforts, it is offering free coupon codes. It is doing this as it intends to better the consumer’s experience even further and along with that spread its survey as much as possible.

Founded in Connecticut, US in 1965, it now has its outlets in more than 90 countries across the globe. It offers a range of variety vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches in foot-longs. Along with that, it also has doughnuts, muffins, cookies, wraps and salads on its menu. The submarines or subs as they are fondly called are made available with different options of breads such as Italian Herbs and Cheese, Flatbread, Honey Oat amongst others. For the last 48 years, it has been taking care of the sandwich needs of the people. While it is continuing to do that, it is presenting a reward as a token of appreciation to its people. So, here is the perfect guide for you to become the part of survey that enables you to win the free coupon code.

How To Take Survey?

Make sure that you keep the receipt of your bill safe. It has store ID number on it. And that is necessary when you are about to enter in the survey.

  • Then, make sure you get access to your internet enabled mobile, I phone or computer devices.
  •  Once you have that, log into www.tellsubway.com  , an official website that contains survey. There, after entering the required details, you can become a part of the survey.
  • Post that, you must add the information that is mandatory to start the survey. The details include the store ID number that is mentioned on your receipt.
  • After doing that, you will have to hit the sign that’s next to store ID number box. It will straightway take you to the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire constitutes of number of questions and necessary information that will guide to answer the questions. The questionnaire is not designed to take much of your time.
  • Once you do that, you can sit back and relax.
  • Just a reminder, no one should feel that they can be a part of this survey only once. You can join the survey as many times as you want. And you will get as many chances as anyone else to win the free coupon code.

Being a part of this survey has its benefits for you as well as for company. For you, it gives you a chance to earn Free Coupon Codes and for it, it gives them a chance to know what its customers expect from them in the future.

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