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Market Force today comprises of the largest customer intelligence business in the world. Their achievement is not only restricted to the sphere of customer satisfaction surveys or mystery shopping. They carry out unique customer intelligence programs which help to understand the customer psyche a lot better and formulate policies accordingly based on the findings to increase customer base and financial growth.

It is a known fact that customer survey is an important tool in understanding customer behavior, their preferences and hence, retaining their loyalty. Its team takes measures to provide the best inputs possible through programs like IVR, SMS text based, Online and paper based surveys. Through the inputs derived from customer satisfaction survey a company can:

  • Understand customer needs and find out specific points that regulate customer behavior and so in turn increase the customer base by working on areas that require attention and focus on problems that need to be sorted.
  • Helps the managers managing the business to function better along with their teams to provide better experiences and improve the training processes by the help of real-time feedbacks.
  • Through the company’s Critical Focus alert notifications an organization can function better in the field of retaining complaining customers. This system enables them to readily identify customers facing problems and in turn helps them to sort out the problem quickly before losing the loyalty of the customer.
  • Through their Customer Intelligence Reporting platform enables an organization to monitor their results in real-time and take prompt actions depending on the feed-backs.

    How To Participate?

  • Visit www.tellusandwin.co.uk .
  • Enter the 4 digit code to start the survey.
  • Next you will have different questions about your experience.
  • Start answering the questions to complete the survey process.
  • Your views are very important for the company.
  • Company uses this survey to improve their customer services.

It also helps the customers to find detailed answers to many of their queries.  Some of them are as follows:

  • What Mystery shopping really is?
  • How can one apply to be a associate and how are they different from each other?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a certified field agent?
  • How is it better than other Mystery shopping companies?
  • Where can one get assigned?
  • What may be the payment?
  • What qualities should one possess to be able to join the survey team?
  • Why is it required to give so much personal information?
  • Is there the a scope of having more than one shopper or CFA in one’s area?
  • How are shops selected and approved?

The answers to all these questions and much more additional help is available for the customers at the company’s website www.marketforce.com/Faq/ . Just click on the subject name on which you require information and all details would be available.

It also recognizes the fact that the employees of a company are equally important in proper functioning of its mechanism and the level of their involvement with the company plays an important role in ensuring its growth. The involvement of the employees with the company helps in understanding their commitment, retention and development.  So it also carries out carefully conducted surveys to evaluate this involvement level.  Market Force helps organizations to carry out employee surveys by:

  • It has been often noted that these types of employee surveys fail due to the low participation level of the employees. The creative marketing team would work with the client organization to gain a maximum level of active participation.
  • The results derived from the surveys would be analyzed by experts. They would in turn provide the client with detailed and insightful reports ranging from the bottom level employees to the big players seated at the very top of the company.
  • The client will be given access to customer intelligence program which would enable him to do proper evaluations from time to time as required by him.

The results of the survey will be communicated to the employees to build a proper sense of understanding and create a stronger bond between the employer and the employees in the future. It would be there with the client through each and every step while these processes would be undertaken to guarantee their correct outcome and satisfy the client.

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