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It is an online traveling agency completely owned the subsidiary of the Sabre Holdings Corporation that was a publicly traded company but it was privatized by the Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group In March 2007. This is the world leader in travel marketing. Company makes the reservation for a flight is very simple an fast. Access their website and find the flight when you want.


  • Visit the official link at
  • On the home page there are different tabs for packages and deals. Select the “Flight” option and click on the tab to access the required service.
  • On next page there are two options “Flight + Hotels” and “Flight Only”. Select “Flight Only” option.
  • Next you have to enter origin and destination cities. Check out the box if you have the multiplication cities.
  • Next choose you travel dates. Select the depart date of your travel.
  • Select the depart time from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the return date and select your return time from the drop down menu.
  • Next provide the information about the travelers and their ages.
  • Select the number of adults from the drop down menu.
  • Select the number of minors and provide the figure of seniors form the drop down menu.
  • Select the class type among “Economy” “Business” or choose “First Class”.
  • Click on the “Search Now” button at the end.
  • Wait for your searching results.
  • Next you will see the rates summary.
  • See the rates and select a departing flight.
  • On the next page select the returning flight.
  • See the rates and select the flight which is more suitable for you.
  • Review your details and continue with your reservation.
  • You have to access your account to continue with the reservation. If you are returning customer then enter your log in name and your password.
  • Click on “Log In and Continue” button.
  • If you are not a member then click on the “Continue” button present at the right hand side of the page to get registered.
  • A pop up window will appear select the protection plan to protect your trip.
  • Next you have to specify passenger’s information: Enter the “Passenger 1 (Adult)” information such as name details, special services, meal request and secure flight information.
  • Provide the “Passenger 2 (senior)” information.
  • Provide the passenger 3 (Minor)” information if there is any one.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • After confirmation you account will be registered.
  • Use your account to know about the details about the flight.


  • Check out faster.
  • You can view exclusive offers and rewards.
  • You can access your upcoming trips.
  • You can apply your personal preferences.

Closing Statement:

Company allows its customer to reserve their flights online by accessing their official website. Find the flight which you want for your travel at very low prices. They Also offers different deals and rewards for the customers and gives the best economical rates.

Get registered today and enjoy your travel with Travelocity!

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